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Spooky Forest

Southpaw Studio & Mythos Monsters DIY Painting kits

Edgar Allan Poe  4 3/4" fig / 7" base

Figure only:  $25.00 unpainted

Add unpainted base/backdrop and nameplate:  $15.00

Venus of R'lyeh 4" fig / 7" base

Figure only:  $25.00 unpainted

base/plaque/acrylic rod:  $15.00 (Limited supply)

Lucky Cthulhu  3 1/2" tall

Figure $30.00 unpainted 

with or without base (your choice)

HP Lovecraft 4 3/4" fig / 7" base

Figure only:  $25.00 unpainted

Add unpainted Base/backdrop and nameplate:  $15.00

Suncatcher 7 1/4" tall

Suncatcher:  $40.00 1 lb of opaque unpainted resin

Cthulhu idol 6" tall 5" deep

Idol:  $60.00  2 parts, 1 lb of unpainted resin

Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 9.49.03 AM.jpg

Painted by Rob Mattison

Painted by Rob Mattison

Cthulhu or Krampus ornaments 3-4" tall

Ornaments: $15.00 ea. or 2 for $20.00 unpainted


Tiny Gumdrop Krampus Statue 2 1/4" tall

One Krampus figure:  $10.00 unpainted

Comes with random color of gumdrop (limited)

Baby Krampus statue 3 1/2" tall

One Krampus figure:  $15.00 unpainted, $25.00 painted 

Comes with piece of red leather for the tongue


Krampus Nutcracker 9"tall

One Krampus figure:  $75.00 unpainted

Unassembled in a

random color.

Over a pound of

resin! And, YES it

does function!


Delightful & Frightful Monsters 3 1/2"  tall

One unpainted monster with interchangeable head:  $15.00 ea. 3 for: $35.00 all 6: $70.00 and the 6 pack comes with a 7th extra, secret body not shown here.


Mandrake 4 1/2" tall

Mandrake figure. NO FOLIAGE:  $20.00 unpainted

You supply the plants to match your decor. There are 7 holes to fill with flowers, artificials, or things from your yard!


Til Death Do Us Part ornament 4 1/2" wide

Signify your love with this customizable ornament. The space in the bottom/middle is to write in the date of your nuptuals:  $10.00


Heart of Cthulhu 3 3/4" w box   4 3/4" w lg heart 

Unpainted Heart box:  $30.00

Large unpainted Heart (wall/desk/shadowbox):  $35.00

Unpainted Keychain:  $10

FB header-HeartOfCthulhu-PersonalFB.jpg

More added as I go thru the boxes.

Remember: Nothing you receive will be painted!  These are "Do It Yourself".

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